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Answers -- Fun, Facts, and Trivia
October 2002 Issue

The Dirksen Center wants to help teachers teach better by giving them the opportunity to use technology to create, customize, and share online learning activities in their classrooms. The Center wants to help students learn more by bringing educational resources together in one place that provide new ways to learn about Congress interactively.

The Women's Suffrage Movement highlighted a time in America when women spoke up and demanded the right to vote. Test your knowledge about the suffrage movement era from 1848 to 1928 by taking one of three different online multiple-choice quizzes. Find Suffrage Movement and the Amendments at:
Voting Venture: Have a Voice, Have a Say, Choose an Answer

1. Which obstacle to voting was outlawed by constitutional amendment?

A) Poll taxes
B) Literacy taxes
C) Residency requirements
D) Good character tests
E) Grandfather clauses
F) Candidates who are not worth voting for anyway

2. The United States has slowly expanded the _____ (another term for "vote") to include African Americans, women, Native Americans, and adults under age 21.

A) Referendum
B) Split ticket
C) Suffrage or franchise
D) Open elections

Possible Essay Question:

In the 1820s, America is often referred to as an age of mass democracy. Why? Is universal manhood suffrage better than having property qualifications for voters? State your best case for property qualifications. Have you considered other qualifications such as age, literacy, citizenship, and residency? Do you believe that everyone should have the right to vote (e.g., convicts, drug dealers)? Why? Answers will vary

Answers to September's issue of Fun, Facts, and Trivia link here:

Do you have or know of an online activity you would like The Dirksen Congressional Center to feature on its new Web site for students -- Congress for Kids? The Center is currently seeking online activities that provide new ways to learn about Congress and the workings of the federal government interactively.

If you have questions or suggestions for online activities, contact Cindy Koeppel .

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