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Answers -- Fun, Facts, and Trivia
June 2003 Issue

The Dirksen Center wants to help teachers teach better by giving them the opportunity to use technology to create, customize, and share online learning activities in their classrooms. The Center wants to help students learn more by bringing educational resources together in one place that provide new ways to learn about Congress interactively.

President’s Power Puzzler

Numerous limits placed on the presidency have not been sufficient enough to prevent the powers and role of the president from expanding dramatically over the last two centuries. The trend throughout the 20th century has been to increase presidential powers at the expense of Congress. Help your students learn more about the powers of the president by introducing the interactive vocabulary practice quiz posted on Congress for Kids. Find The Powers of the President at:

1. Overriding a presidential veto requires a _____ fraction of the vote in each chamber of the Congress.
Answer: two-thirds

2. Why do presidents often use executive agreements rather than treaties when negotiating with foreign powers?

A) Executive agreements don't require the assistance of the Department of State; treaties do.
B) Executive agreements don't require Senate approval; treaties do.
C) Executive agreements can be issued in secret; treaties must be publicized.
D) Foreign powers have more confidence in America's executive agreements.

Answers to the May issue of Fun, Facts, and Trivia link here:

Do you have or know of an online activity you would like The Dirksen Congressional Center to feature on its new Web site for students -- Congress for Kids? The Center is currently seeking online activities that provide new ways to learn about Congress and the workings of the federal government interactively.

If you have questions or suggestions for online activities, contact Cindy Koeppel.

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